God Provides

God has been showing up in the most amazing ways during this trip! When I was first planning this trip I was getting very discouraged because I had nothing really set in stone, no places to stay, eat, or speak at. But right off the bat I was welcomed into loving homes, and my belly full! 
Lets back up a bit to day 1! It is the day of the send off party, my body is trembling, I may even puke because I have no idea how this journey is going to turn out. I was having such an intense spiritual battle going on that I didn't really even know what to do. It was time to leave, and set out for the adventure that awaits me. Making a repetitive speech, because I couldn't find the right words to say, and having a powerful prayer spoken over me by Dierdra, we all set out. With 20 or so people joining me in the first mile, and nearly 100 people counting down 10, 9, 8...., my heart was racing, body shaking 5, 4,..., and brain not functioning 2, 1. We get to the fairgrounds park, and I realize that I had forgotten my cell phone, wallet, Chacos, and a couple other important things, rough start. Luckily we were only heading down to Longmont for the night and I was able to have Caleb and Aishlynn bring me my bag-o-stuff forgotten. That evening my heart had settled a little better, and I was able to focus more. We ate hot dogs around a camp fire and had a great fellowship with friends, and long time mentors! 
Day 2: Woke up and met with Jo from Love146 at a breakfast place in Longmont. Great conversation and was able to get a lot of things figured out. Now it was time to say goodbye to Paige, and Elijah as I heading down to Littleton. I met up with Chelsea who opened up her house to Elijah (who drove down to hang out one last night) and I. Took a tour of IKEA and went to the local pizza shop. 
Day 3: Chelsea treated us to Snooze, a local breakfast restaurant with amazing food! Now it was time for me to head down to Colorado Springs. I was met there by a newspaper reporter at the top of a 9.9% grade hill, and it was the last quarter mile of a 64 mile bike ride. In my mind I was thinking, "AAAHHHH, My legs, but I cant stop cause they will think I am Pathetic!"  Thankfully I made it up the hill, and God had provided a place to shower and get a free message from Colorado Institute Of Message Therapy. I then stayed at Mrs Blakes house for the night. 
Day 4: It was tough trying to find a close enough city and a long enough ride for the day. With intentions on riding out to Rocky Ford, I rode East. Desolate, the only word I can use to describe eastern Colorado. Realizing that Rocky Ford was not the place I wanted to go, I continued riding East into the open abyss of nothing. 70 miles later I was exhausted and decided to pull off on the side of the road and camp out. Alone, with no cellphone service and running low on water I set up my tent on the side of the road. God kept me safe, being 10 or 15 feet from the road because right behind me was a barb wire fence. 
Day 5: After a long night of coyotes, bats hitting my tent, and mice trying to chew their way through I rode on to Kit Carson where two out of the 3 local churches but me up in a motel, and bought me dinner and breakfast the next day. 
Day 6: I woke up with a huge sense of joy, ready to take on the day! I had popped my tube the previous day but God kept it inflated for 30 miles until I arrived safely. Fixed my tire and rode to Lamar CO. A local church had offered to put me in a hotel for the night, but was unable to meet with me because they were busy. However, I was able to meet with another youth pastor and talk with him. Mainly talked about farming, but it was a great time to pour out into someone else! 
Day 7: Crossed my first state line into Kansas, and was heading for Syracuse KS. Met with Pastor Paul who offered to put me up in a motel for the night. Headed over to the motel to find out that it was closed. Trying to figure out what to do, we go to the restaurant right next door to get some food. Immediately I am greeted by a wonderful human being and one of the first things she says to me is, "Do you need a place to stay?" Being taken off guard, I responded jokingly, "I need food first, and then a place to stay!" She laughed, introduced herself as Grandma Gay, and offered her house for me to stay in! I told her that I have a buddy of mine named Micah meeting me here and will be riding with me for the next week, she was thrilled to have more people over! After fixing her rototiller she took us around the town, and introduced us to her whole family. She was a very joyous, and loving person with a very powerful story. We were truly blessed to be under her roof and protection. 
Day 8: Heading out after church to Holcomb KS. Riding through 45 degree drizzling rain with 30 mph winds. It was a slow, steady, and cold ride. Thankfully there was a amazing couple named Clint and Suzie who took us in for the night. Suzie cooked us an amazing home cooked meal that went straight to the heart! Was embraced with loving fellowship, great conversations, warm showers, and candy for days! 
God is good, and always provides. Psalms 92:2 "It is good to always proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening..."