Riding the Wake

For those of you who are bikers, you will understand this very well. For those of you who are not, try thinking of geese. Either way, both parties should also be thinking about the correlation to life with this as well. When biking, sometimes our worst problem might be our tubes popping, others it might be a %11 grade hill, some might be traffic and cars honking at you, while others may even be the saddle and sitting for hours. But I think we can all agree that the wind is neither friend nor foe. The wind doesn’t care what you are riding for or where you are going. It doesn’t care if you wanted a casual ride or a tough workout. It never seems to be blowing in the direction that you are heading either. It seems to be always working against you. Wind is life. I used to hate the wind, and still occasionally do, until a beautiful story emerged from fighting the wind. When you are biking by yourself the wind hits you and creates a sort of rain drop shape around you, “The Wake”. Riding by yourself in heavy winds can be extremely tiring and potentially damaging to your muscles. Especially if you are riding for hours on end. Riding alone for some people is wonderful because you get hours to think about things the entire ride. But I think we can all agree that riding on a windy day alone is not fun at all. When I was biking from Holcomb KS to Dodge City KS I didn’t have very much time, and a long distance to ride. And of course the wind was blowing directly against me. I had 5 hours to go 62 miles with 25-35 mph headwinds, and 42 degree temperature. Luckily I had my buddy Micah Mitchell riding alongside me battling the wind with me. We would switch on and off every couple miles taking on the wind while the other rode our wake. Even with him with me, by the end I was completely beat. When we arrived we met up with some pastors of Dodge City. While I was talking to them my body temperature dropped exponentially, and I almost passed out. The ride took a huge toll on my body, but I fully believe that I would have been much worse off if Micah wasn’t with me during that ride. And I probably wouldn’t have even made it to Dodge City in time, if even at all, to meet with those pastors and make some great connections. God designed humans to work together. To be united as one body. When people bike together they can ride off of each other’s wake. The front man takes on all the head wind so that the people behind him can ride his tail wind. They can at some times coast and or ride with ease while the person in front is taking all the force. It allows the following people to take a break, rest up, and continue on. Jesus started the initial ride as our front man, and we are riding His wake. We can apply His actions to our lives. We need people who will come alongside us in the ride of life. Organizations have gone before you to take on that headwind. You have an opportunity to ride the wake! Or perhaps you are being called to take the headwind for a time. The point is, you are invited to be part of a team of people changing the lives of those who cannot fight for themselves. Help us end Human Trafficking by coming alongside us in this battle. Because together, and only together, we will Break the Cycle.