The Problem Part 2

Weird thought of the day, "I have hours to think!" 
It was drawn to my attention how much men lust without even thinking about it. It has become part of the social norm, our daily agenda, and our routine. I was sitting down with a buddy of mine who has been struggling with lust for a very long time now, and it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that he decided to change the way he views women. A simple idea, yet complex motion to pass. He said, "View women how God views them." Seems simple enough, but wait, how does God view us? Another simple answer, "As His children." If we are His children then we need to view women as our sisters. What does that look like? Servitude, complete and utter selflessness towards those around us. We need to be constantly putting our brothers and sisters needs before our own. Answer to life is, "if we put others before ourselves all problems will be solved." A very interesting thought because this also means that on a spiritual level that our parents are also our brothers and sisters in Christ. 
But if they are our sisters, then when can we view them romantically? Only when we say, "I do". Now bare with me for a little. This doesn't mean that you can't be attracted to someone until you are married, no-one would be married then. Let me put it this way, would you kiss another mans wife or another woman’s husband? If you have any form of morals I would hope you would say, "No!" When you are physical with someone while dating, and then break up, you have just now taken that away from their future spouse. 


These men didn't just wake up one day and decide to have sex with children, it was a progression. Over time and countless hours of diving deeper into the world of porn a man becomes lost and wants more. It all starts somewhere. When someone tries so hard to obtain something they can't have, they seek it out in the real world and want it that much more. Over time simply looking at pictures or videos becomes dull, not exhilarating, and non-thrilling. When looking for that thrill again in the real world we will find it in things like sadomasochism, 50 Shades of Grey, lust, cheating, orgies, perverted talk, degrading of the opposite gender, rape, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, cat calling, one night stands/ hookups, masturbation, etc. When someone submits themselves to the idolism of porn, they will soon find themselves bowing to its immense power.