Who are we?

What are we about? Who is Break The Cycle? Well, simply put we are a nonprofit who is raising awareness about modern day slavery, specifically Sex Trafficking in America by putting on an tour called Bike Through Traffic. 
My goal is to speak to Men, and inspire an uprising to come along side women to help fight the battle of human trafficking. We really want to focus on how pornography correlates to child sex trafficking, and how it affects relationships, families, and individuals.
I have heard countless times, "Im not hurting anyone when I look at porn, so what is the big deal?" To that I just want to yell, "WRONG!!!!" When you click from girl to girl, you are feeding the beast of sexual destruction and oppression of women.  You are destroying the relationships of those around you, secluding yourself off from the world to watch something for your own personal euphoria. I want them to realize that the people they are watching have a life outside of  the 3 minutes they see them for. I want them to start thinking what/ who is behind the camera. Where did that human being on my screen come from, and where are they going?
Aside from all the things that I will be speaking about, there is the matter of getting there! How? I will be bicycling for the next 15 months (a little over 12,000 miles) speaking at mens groups, churches, schools, youth groups, and other venues. I will be riding and average of 50 miles a day, burning 3000 to 5000 calories each day! I will be sleeping in a tent, or in peoples homes if they offer. Food wise, I will be spending $10-$15 a day, unless people feed me! I still need money for future meals, so if you are able to donate or provide a meal that would be highly appreciated. I do also need places to speak, and am always welcoming places to shower and sleep.