Deaths door mat

When you are dancing on the door mat of deaths house, you are teasing a beast whose rage is only provoked, not forgiving. I thought this chapter would be short until I was sent to the hospital because of Hypothermia. 
On December 27th after church I ventured out from Copper Canyon TX towards Weatherford TX. When I left the house the temp outside was 44 degrees, with a light drizzle. I knew it wouldn’t be a tremendously fun ride, but I wanted to stay on schedule and get to my next speaking engagement. About 7 miles into the ride the rain started pounding, and there was a cross wind of about 14 mph. It was a full on monsoon. The temperature eventually dropped to around 36 degrees (F) which made the rain that was mixed with the wind turn to ice pellets that were bouncing off my face and body like a heard of wild rabbits hopping through a forest.
The day before it was 78 degrees out, I was riding in a t-shirt. The Texans call this drastic of a temperature change a Blue Northern. Within an hour of riding my waterproof jacket was soaked all the way through – I was a moving popsicle. I was reminded of the time in the Wizard of OZ where the Tin Man is stuck because he didn’t have any oil in his joints. 
The total miles for the day were going to be 64, a relatively easy day for me. But when my body started shutting down inhibiting me to bike any faster then 9 mph I knew I was in trouble. However, my pride was still set on completing the day because in my mind if I didn’t complete it then I had failed.
About 48 miles into the ride I called the gentlemen who was putting me up in a hotel for the night. Everyone calls him Pops. I told him that I was about 17 miles away. He offered to come pick me up, but my pride wouldn’t let me because I needed to finish the day. We got off the phone, and I ended up calling him back about 10 minutes later because I was in so much pain. Pops came and got me and he drove me to the hotel he was setting me up in. I immediately drank two hot cup of coffee, and jumped into the hot shower. I was uncontrollably screaming, yelling, and crying so loud that people all the way down the hall could here me. 
Let me try and describe what was going on with my body. You know that feeling that you get when you put a tight rubber band around your finger, and all the pressure builds up in the tip. Well now take that feeling and put it all over your body. Also the painful tingling feeling you get when your ligaments are waking back up after sleeping on it wrong and times that by six. On top of a perpetual state of tunnel vision, and the walking the fine line of passing out. I could barely make a coherent sentence, and I almost had no control over any of my motor functions. Let me put it this way, I have broken a lot of bones, and had many stitches throughout my life, I would much rather endure that pain than go through hypothermia again. 
My pride got the best of me again because I did not want to go to the hospital because I was too cold. That seemed to me to be the absolute lamest reason to go. Before now, the only times (which were actually quite frequently when I was younger) I went to the hospital were for broken bones, stitches, or surgery to have my appendix removed. Heck I wouldn’t even go to the doctors for being sick. For me, the only time I was around doctors were if I couldn’t fix it myself. Never got immunized, which that’s a totally different topic and all I will say on that is I am sick maybe once ever 2 or 3 years because I let my body fight off things naturally like it is supposed to. But for this situation I had to set aside my pride again, and let Pops take me to the hospital. When I arrived to the hospital I walked up to the front desk, sort of told her my situation because I couldn’t make a coherent sentence, and started heading for the ground cause I couldn’t stand. They grabbed me a wheel chair and brought me to have my vitals taken. Keep in mind I had just got done taking a 30 minute shower with the water all the way on hot which I could barely feel, and I had 3 cups of hot coffee. When the nurse took my temp it was 96.4 degrees. Normal is 98.6, hypothermia is 95 degrees. My blood pressure was 154 over 72 (which is actually pretty good). And my heart rate was 58 bpm. Basically, my vitals were all normal except my temp, that was way to low. They immediately hooked me up to an intravenous, took my blood to test for organ damage, and then started pumping warm saline solution into my veins to warm me up from in inside out. 
When your body experiences hypothermia the core temp of your body drops below where your organs can function well. Most of the blood is pulled away from your extremities to keep your core warm. Specific organs will release certain proteins that will show up in the blood to determine if they are damaged. This is why they tested my blood. Moral of the story is, my body is extremely smart, but I was extremely dumb! 
This experience was an extremely humbling situation. A well learned lesson in letting someone take care of me. If Pops wasn’t around to take care of me, and make sure that I was ok, I may not of made it to tell the tail. But by the grace of Christ I am still kicking, and determined to keep going. The next day I woke up extremely sore and very stiff. I had knots in my neck, and thighs the size of golf balls. But over all I am still going strong, and going to continue raising awareness about domestic sex trafficking.