A Nonprofit dedicated to helping survivors of sex trafficking get a job

Bold Love Foundation is a nonprofit started by Daniel Lemke and Mary Marsh. Passionate abolitionist and followers of Jesus Christ, we want to live out God’s calling on our lives to help the ‘least of these’. While Daniel rode his bicycle fifteen months around the US to raise awareness about Domestic Sex Trafficking, God put it on his heart to continue fighting for those who are enslaved. Mary came alongside him and together they will help reintegrate victims of sex trafficking by giving them a job after they have been rescued and go through a restoration program.

Our goal is to start and work alongside businesses that hires victims of sex trafficking (male and female, ages 15 and up).

We want to allow survivors of sex trafficking (Sparrows) the opportunity to learn basic job skills. The Sparrows are so used to having “clients” coming in and out of there life sexually abusing them that having a safe and steady work environment with the same employees would be highly beneficial and therapeutic. 

We want to teach them basic job skills that will help further them in life and reintegrate them back into a community to live the life they deserve rather than the life they have been given.