Hannah Harmon


I have to tell you that I am in love with love.

Not love as we call our fluttery feelings, but Love, the Author of life; Jesus Christ. So often I fail at loving people and myself that I think Love couldn’t love me for my mistakes. And yet he does. Every day, he loves me with a love that death couldn’t break. Now that I have experienced this love, I cannot keep it to myself, not when there are millions of human beings who haven’t heard of its existence and are suffering in bondage.

”For me, to live is [love] and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

After serving with missionaries in Romania for three months, God opened my eyes to the horror of sex trafficking. One month into my trip, missionaries from Nepal and The Apple of God's Eyes met with my hosts in Romania to look into setting up a safe house for sex trafficking survivors. After listening to a story about a young girl who was sold into sex trafficking, rescued and returned to her home, only to be sold again by her mother, I knew I had to do something. That is when I decided I would ride a bike across the country to raise money for their organization and spread the word that slavery is thriving in our world today.

It required months of planning, but eventually I made it out on the road with my bike and my ukulele ready to share with everyone I met how there are children in America who are being sold by their parents (the very people who are supposed to protect them), for sex; and how these innocents are being charged with a crime while the johns and pimps get a slap on the hand. I rode for three weeks until an unfortunate accident caused the tour as I knew it to end. As the weeks and months progressed, I began to see God leading me on a journey different than the one I believed myself to be taking. A journey that incredibly enough, brought me back to Love. And through the excruciating months post-accident I am seeing how God truly makes beauty out of ashes and how in His perfect timing, the work will be accomplished.