We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of Domestic Sex Trafficking. Since the average age is 12-14 years old, our hearts are mainly with helping children escape the manipulation. However, this does not restrict us to working with only the victim side of this issue. We also work with Pimps/Madams, Johns, and people who are addicted to pornography because we know that if there wasn't a demand for this epidemic then there wouldn't be a supply. 

We hosted an awareness bicycle tour called "Bike Through Traffic" which was a fifteen month 12,608 mile bicycle tour circumferencing the United States of America. Our rider(s) spoke at churches, men's groups, schools (public and private, and Universities), venues, art galleries, fire stations, to legislation, and wherever else anyone would listen. 

We have noticed that there is a huge demand for helping Sparrows (survivors of sex trafficking) reintegrate back into society after they have been rescued and gone through a rehabilitation program. Our mission is to hire Sparrows through our business and help them learn basic job skills.  

Our heart's desire is to get more men involved in combating domestic sex trafficking because we see a lack of men fighting this issue. We want men to come up alongside the women who are on the front lines to fight with them. A pastor by the name of Eric Ludy put it this way - If a big meany came to your front door and started pounding on the door saying to let him in cause he wants to hurt someone, would you expect the husband to shove his wife in front of the door saying, "Honey, take care of this. I am going to the basement."? NO!!! As a man we are called to protect. The man should say, "Honey take the kids into the basement, I've got this." And yes, he may be shaking in his boots, but he knows that when a man is a protector he is not a predator.

We have men shoving women in front of the door and just watching this issue unfold. We want men to be men and take their place as a protector again.


You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.
— William Wilberforce

Our Goals

-We want to spread awareness of domestic sex trafficking through social media, speaking engagements, news outlets, legislation, and as any other way possible.

-We want to help survivors of sex trafficking get a job so they can be reintegrated back into society.  

-We want men to step up and combat sex trafficking alongside the women who are already fighting. 

-We want to have a collaboration of all organizations who are working to prevent human trafficking.